The Importance of Leadership

Sana Quadri

Sana Quadri is a Chartered Accountant, and an associate member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP). Currently she is working in the Finance Division of a Microfinance Bank and has over 10 years of experience in financial services industry. She has also written articles for The Pakistan Accountants Magazine published by ICAP and has remained associated with its various Committees

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  1. Yasir Zaheer says:

    Really nice article that opens a new dimension to think about the word. I understand the root word ‘lædere’ has many meaning but mostly it’s about to lead. I was unable to find the specific meaning that pertains to quality of a character; or you meant ‘leading’ is a quality of character? But that way it’s very generalized and can be applied to all qualities with the suffix -ship so nothing unique about ‘leadership’ for example; dictatorship & governorship further more we have collaborative ones as well like membership, ownership, fellowship, citizenship etc. all can be found in the front seat of organization

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