Someone Tried to Scam Me!

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  1. Not today scammers says:

    ha, this guy just called me Chris Parker. He went through a bunch of scenarios about viruses, malware, and it ended up being a sales call to purchase tech support and programs to protect my computer. I was called from 800-546-5623 but he gave me a number of 800-478-9569. He also gave all his info such as his ID number, where he is, call back number, etc

  2. Not today scammers says:

    oh I forgot I told him I wanted to think about it and he told me to ask for ALEX when I call back and he would transfer me to Chris. Why wouldn’t I just ask for Chris directly…..hmmmmmm

  3. cmanzo says:

    I just got a call from Peter from HP and gave me the same story about malware in my computer only that he called me on my cellphone!!!!!!!!!!! wth!!!!!!!! I never give out my cell # !!!!! Total scam………………..

  4. J. Clark says:

    I got the same kind of call from “Nancy”. After she directed me to go to my computer and she would direct me as to the “error messages coming from my laptop” I suppressed my laughter and decided to have some fun with this scammer. I said “Just so you know, I have been in the computer industry for over 20 years and know more than you do….” I let it hang. she came back with they were just trying to help me….and we know everything about your computer, etc. I let her talk for awhile then got bored. I told her nice try-but then you must know my IP address and the Wi-Fi setup and a few other tasty things. Then she got nasty and threatening. I said let me take your name and phone number (so I could Facebook slam them) and hung up. I did put it on there. No one calls you when your stuff goes down. AND when you look up Microsoft, HP and some others on google KNOW they list themselves as legit-THEY ARE NOT. Go to and get the number from there better yet follow their tech forums and usually questions can be answered by engineers in the forum.

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